Hillary Does It Again!

Fox News and the Republican party have been attacking President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinto for  failure to protect Chinese dissidents. Mitt  proclaimed that if he was president all dissidents throughout the world would be protected and supported. He DEMANDED that Clinton protect Chen  Guancheng against his government. Of course, while Mitt and Newt and others were thundering defiance, Hillary was quietly working with Chinese officials on a solution that protected their face while aiding  the man seeking refuge in the US Embassy.

Secretary of State Clinton announced that Chen Guancheng had made a  decision to remain in China and that it was “his choice.” Under the agreement with the Chinese government, he will  leave the Embassy and is assured of a save environment. Chen spoke with Hillary on the phone saying, “I want to kiss you.” He informed  friends that “I’m free, I received clear assurances.”

Now, if Mitt was president, he would be denouncing the Chinese government and no one would be  free.