Hillary Fails Again!

The greatest problem in American history once again was present when American SEALS and other agents failed to kill an important leader of al-Shabaab. The American people want to know why this al-Shabaab leader was not killed. Who refused to engage more American forces to the effort? What did Hillary Clinton have to do with this failure? What was she doing going around America raising money when our military was engaged in combat? OK, so our forces did capture Abu Anas on the streets of Tripoli, but why didn’t they capture other agents? Where was Hillary Clinton when our SEALs were engaged in combat?

Failure to capture the al-Shabaab leader is evidence why Hillary Clinton is not qualified to run for president. I demand that Hillary Clinton appear before Congress and explain: where was she when our men were in action? Why wasn’t she with them? Was she a friend of these terrorists? WE DEMAND ANSWERS!!