Hillary Stirs Canadian Pot

It was not the most productive political trip for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who wandered up north to Canada where she proceeded to inform its government and people about her ideas on a variety of topics ranging from abortion to Afghanistan. The Canadian government recently made clear it was withdrawing its forces from Afghanistan by 2011 and Clinton proceeded to urge the government to retain its soldiers in the mountains of that far off land. But, Hillary was not finished. At a meeting to deal with topics of maternal healthcare, she told the assembled leaders, “you cannot have reproductive health and reproductive health includes contraception and family planning and access to legal, safe abortions.” A wise diplomat knows better than to publicly ask a question that will only produce an answer not desired. This is not effective diplomacy.

The reality is more and more world leaders are tired of Afghanistan. How do they support an Afghan government which recently invited Iran President Ahmadinejad to their capital for extended discussions when this goon is assaulting innocent Iranian students in his own streets? Until President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton can control President Karzai, why should anyone remain in Afghanistan?