Hindu Tea Party Gaining Power

Given that we Americans possess a political party led by Tea Party fanatics it is difficult to blame other nations which possess those who demand censorship of “offensive items”in books or articles. Heck, the Texas book committee which decides on which books can be used by school districts has censored much material and is fighting to make certain that school children be taught the Creation theory of Science. In India, the Penguin Book Publishing company agreed to a decision by a court and will pulp a book entitled: “The Hindu” An Alternative History” by Wendy Dowinger because a group of Hindu fanatics claimed the book was “offensive” to them. Soon after that two Indian authors requested that Penguin pulp their books in order to protect them from Hindu fanatics who might decide murder is their game rather than pulping books.

Just as in the United States of America a group of fanatics whose ideas are closer to those of the Tea Party than to any form of sanity may well soon be in charge of running the entire nation. The head of the BJP is Narenda Modi who for years has been on the State Department list of possible war crime people, but since he may well gain victory in upcoming elections our government has decided that he really is not a bad guy after all.

Many on the social Media are replacing Penguin logo with the word, “chicken.” Sounds appropriate.