Hip Hip Hooray Paul!!

Paul Ryan is a nice young man in his forties who has proceeded along the path to fame and fortune by supporting the ideas of those who have fame and fortune. In his speech to the Republican convention, Paul blasted President Obama for closing a GM plant in his state even though it was closed in 2008 when a certain Republican was president of the USA. Oh, his name was George Bush. But, what the heck, Bush increased the National Debt from $5 Trillion to $11 Trillion which means that if the National Debt is now $16 Trillion it is the fault of Obama for not wiping out the Bush debt. Is that clear to all?

In his speech, Paul Ryan said: “our rights come from nature and God, not  from government.” Huh? The Founding Fathers, who he constantly cite, never used the word, God, in our Constitution. They were establishing a GOVERNMENT.

Paul promised to provide jobs to all. Easy. Reduce taxes on the wealthy and they will hire nannies, maids, and built yachts which provide jobs for those building them. Is that clear to all?