Historian Charges Secret Armies Aided By CIA Exist

Turkey is experiencing a turbulent investigation into activities of a secret organization known as Ergenekon which allegedly included former top ranking members of the Turkish military who plotted to overthrow the Justice and Development Party(AKP) due to its reform Muslim ideas. Swiss Historian, Daniele Ganser, suggest his research indicates after WWII, NATO and the CIA funded secret armies in their fight against the Soviet Union. He believes there is a possibility Ergnekon, might be connected to the formation of these clandestine forces. Its code name was “Gladio” and it functioned in complete secrecy. The network of secret armies called, “stay behind” were set up by US and British secret service agents and were designed to function as a guerrilla style force in case the Soviet Union advanced into western Europe. Ganser argues there is a possibility that Ergenekon might be connected to the secret operation and those in the organization might have originally obtained their training from the CIA and British intelligence.

“If indeed Ergenekon is the stay-behind for Turkey, the secret army of Turkey, then Turkey is a special case” since it continues functioning years after other European secret armies were closed down. He notes Seymour Hersh, an American journalist, claims the CIA is supporting secret operations inside Iran in their attempts to overthrow the Iranian government.

It frequently becomes difficult ascertaining the accuracy of such claims since one is dealing with “secret” organizations whose existence is only known to a handful of government officials. Turkey needs an honest investigation of Ergenekon to clear up this mystery.