History And Obama

How will history judge the presidency of Barack Obama? He is just entering his second term as president of the United States, one of about sixteen men who have made it to two terms. So, what will the future say about the first black leader of the country?

1. He pushed through a medical insurance plan, that will be altered but will basically remain intact.

2. He did work the nation through a terrible recession.

3. He ended a war in Iraq.

4. He pushed through gay  rights.

5. He selected excellent people for the Supreme Court.

But, of course:

1. He was an incompetent political leader who allowed his party to lose control of the House of Representatives.

2. He failed as a communicator who was able to rally the nation and address important issues.

3. He did little to push global warming issues.

4. He failed to confront violation of human rights by allowing government to gain enormous power over the private lives of citizens.

5. He was slow to fill important judge positions.

Obama does not come across as a great president, an OK one.