History Channel Boots Kennedy Series

The History Channel has decided not to air the new miniseries which deals with the life and times of John F. Kennedy. They noted the programs did not fit into their definition of what constitutes valid history. Theodore Sorenson had claimed scenes in the series in which he allegedly had conversations with the president never happened. The problem with creating a miniseries about a famous person is the need to get sex into the program and focus on how the individual romped in the bed. A problem with any program dealing with John F. Kennedy or his brother Robert is that both men underwent dramatic changes in their lives. The Robert Kennedy of 1962 was not the same Robert Kennedy of 1968. He was transformed from an arrogant young man into one who had compassion and love for the oppressed people of America. John Kennedy changed his attitudes toward civil rights. He initially feared focusing on civil rights would impair his ability to deal with foreign policy issues, but time enabled him to move forward on the issues.

We have not seen the miniseries, but doubt it will be able to dig into the complexity of human change and development. Then again, take away the sex and what is left to view?