History Dies In Syria

Fighting continues in Syria,  hundreds get shot or wounded, bombers  blast away from up on high while artillery blasts away from the ground. Yesterday, rebels shot down a MiG-23 plane, and felt a sense of victory. Lost in this seemingly endless fighting is ongoing destruction of history. Syria was for centuries a key place in Middle Eastern warfare. Alexander the Great conquered the city 0f Aleppo as did the Crusaders and Genghis Khan. Saladin planned his battles from a castle in this city. The history of centuries is in this town, but war and devastation do not care about the past. For President Bashar al-Assad, the only date in his mind is today because he knows that tomorrow only brings the end of his brief tenure as head of Syria.

Muslims should be up in arms at destruction of their heritage. One is struck by lack of concern, by lack of demonstrations protesting wiping out the history of Muslim people. Silence reigns.

Now, if someone printed a cartoon, then the crowds would pour through the streets of major Islamic cities. We feel sorrow at what is being lost –forever– for those of the Muslim faith.