History Drone I

I undrstand that unemployment among young Iranians is over 20% so I was glad to learn the government is working on job creation. A new curriculum will be introduced to Iranian high school students–it is called: Defense Readiness. This course teaches the novice how to track a drone, hack into its computer system and then send the missile to ground. This is an innovative approach to creating work for young people. I wonder if the Tea Party would be supportive to such an approach. After all, it would be a wonderful supplement to “Gun Awareness” and how to “Stand Your Ground And Shoot the Black Dude.”

I realize that “Liberals” do not agree with Republican efforts to protect this country against the evil communists who now control our government. How about a few other courses:

“How to Identify Black Illegals From Kenya”

“Three Ways To Get An Hispanic Crossing The Border”