“Hit A Jew”Day In St. Louis Area School!

Students in the Parkway School District of suburban St. Louis decided it was a fun activity to stage a ‘Hit A Jew” day which one assumes is the manner in which spoiled suburban children get their kicks these days. The incident happened at the Parkway West Middle School in Chesterfield where six graders engaged in what they considered to be fun, hit a Jewish student. Many of the three dozen Jewish students were hit on their bodies and one might have been slapped in the face. Ironically, the madness began when the school had a Spirit Week that included a Hug a Friend day. Next was a Hit A Tall Person day and finally it was the turn of Jewish children to be subject to this blatant stupidity.

As the parent of two children who attended schools in the Parkway School District, I must confess my shock and anger such a thing could occur in the 21st century in a middle class suburban area whose parents work in sophisticated positions. Hopefully, there will be serious discussions in many homes between parents and children about their inexcusable behavior.

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