Hit Haqqani Anger Pakistan?

The US military has been engaged in secret discussions with Afghanistan military personnel regarding the possibility of a joint US-Afghan strike into Pakistan in order  to attack the Haqqani network. There is scant doubt Haqqani support for the Taliban and al-Qaida has been an important factor in having the war in Afghanistan continue and continue. The Pakistan government has repeatedly been urged to attack the Haqqani but they mumble something and never do anything about the request.

Reality is that attacking into Pakistan only reinforces desire upon the part of the ISI to find justification for supporting the Taliban and the Haqqani. Nothing will change, the Taliban attacks will continue. Haqqani forces will make another daring attack in Kabul. The war goes on and on. Let’s face reality: no one wants to end it either in Pakistan or in areas of Afghanistan. The beat goes on.

At some point it is time to pack up the bags and head home.