Hitch Hiking To Prison

When I was a teenager and decided to hit the road as a hitch hiker I quickly learned that when on the road stay clear of state policemen. Three Americans decided to climb mountains near the border of Iran and were arrested on charges they had strayed across the border into Iran. When near the border of Iran a sensible person remains at least twenty miles from any border patrols. John Fattal, Shane Bauer and Sarah Shroud were arrested and sent to prison. Sarah was allowed to return home to America if she promised to return in time for the trial. Common sense proved more important to her than money so she forfeited the bail dough.

The two Americans are now on trial in Iran on charges of espionage. Swiss Ambassador Livia Leu Agosti, who represents US interests in Iran was not allowed to attend the trial nor were members of the media. Lawyer for the two men met them a few hours before the trial. President Ahmadinejad has asked the judiciary to examine the case with the “maximum leniency.”

If past events prove to be a guide, this means no stoning to death, just a quick hanging.