Hitler, Just Uncle Adolf To Japanese Children!

The TV Tokyo Corporation felt the need to apologize for a comment made by a female who on her program described Adolf Hitler, dictator of Nazi Germany, as a “great figure in the world” and someone who young people should learn about. The program, Yorosen, in which young “idol” group members act as school teachers and lecture about history resulted in this rather unusual description of a blood thirsty barbaric leader. The “teacher” referred to Adolf Hitler as “Hitler osijan”(Uncle Hitler) and said his speeches to the German nation has a “soothing effect.” One can only wonder whether she thought Jews in listening to Hitler rant on and on about killing them experienced the same “soothing effect.”

The TV station issues an apology which stated the program “was based on misinformation” and an interpretation of history that was “inappropriate.” However, it is still unclear how the “teacher” obtained this interpretation of Adolf Hitler. Are we next to be treated to a story about “Grandfather Joe Stalin” and the three bears?

  • Jhon Smyth

    Ummm i have read many of Hitlers speeches and have never come across any in which he rants on and on about killing Jews.
    Have you read any of his speeches or are you simply repeating what you have been told?

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    1. I have read his book Mein Kampf which is vicious and filled with hate about Jews. There is no piece of paper which he signed that says kill six million Jews, but is it your assumption, the SS and other groups which conducted the process failed to inform their leader as to what was happening?