Hitler Light In Germany

The years pass and before one realizes we are over 60 years from the time when Adolf Hitler ruled Germany and instituted the Holocaust. A few generations of Germans have grown up with increasingly less and less awareness of what Nazism meant in the everyday lives of people. Recently, in the town of Luebsheen, a group of young men wearing orange tee shirts spent the afternoon at a festival handing out balloons to children and leaflets to parents. They smiled, joked and presented a picture of just some normal German young men out for a pleasant spring day in the fresh air. After people got home and actually read the leaflets few were aware the boys were skinheads who adored Hitler and the spirit of Nazism. They were members of the National Democratic Party, a Nazi style political party which these days damns as foreigners, not the Jews, but Muslim or African immigrants seeking a decent life in Germany.

Of course, there are still brown shirted Nazi men who beat up gays or yell insults at Jews or attempt to humiliate Muslims. At best, such behavior will get a few fringe votes, but only when Nazis act the opposite of Nazis will they gain support. Of course, here in America we call the Nazis, Tea Party followers.