Hitler Rock!

Ah, in my youth sounds of music emanated from Germany and the sight of marching bands with Swastika banners flowing above were common. Even in New York City, Nazi groups marched through our streets and their blasting music of power and war pushed through our hearts and turned away the sounds of peace. These days in Germany neo-Nazi groups are the rage in music. Of course, they represent a minority, but one that can stir feelings of hate and anger toward Muslim immigrants. Ironically, Muslims are even more hated than that other group–oh, those Jews–who once suffered from the sound of warlike music. Interior ministers from 16 regional states in Germany will shortly employ the music capacity of the mobile phone-based music identification service, Shazam which can select the name of a band from a short sample picked up via the phone’s microphone.

Police could use this information to recognize neo-Nazi music being played on Internet radio stations. The goal is to prevent the music being played at gatherings. One can halt the music being played, but one can not halt the music being played at some place and some time. Music can never be silenced, but music desires can change with education and a commitment to society.