Hitler’s Birthday In Russia

During the dark days of 1941 and 1942 when the Russian people fought for their very existence, millions died in the fight against Nazism. The gallant Russian soldiers and civilians who held back the German army at Stalingrad no doubt assumed their children and grandchildren would somehow mark their bravery with celebrations. Little did they know that sixty years later, their descendants would be marching in the streets of Moscow to celebrate the birthday of Adolf Hitler! There were several incidents during the latest march by skinheads who glory in their adoration of a man who killed over twenty five million Russians–Adolf Hitler. These skinheads hate dark skinned people which certainly places them in the mindset of Nazism.

There are no words which can express the depravity of these skinheads to hail a man who committed such evil to their grandparents. Thank God, they are dead and not alive to witness this atrocity of evil on the part of their descendants!