Hitler’s Birthday Story- About Nothing And Everything

Police were called because neighbors heard loud wild singing and shouting from an apartment in the early hours of April 20 in the city of Bremen. The police loked through the windows of the apartment and spotted a Nazi swastika flag as the young men and women drank, shouted and sieg heiled themselves into a drunken stupor. The group was celebrating the birthday of Adolf Hitler in a city which had been devastated by wars he caused and bodies of hundreds of thousands had been buried in the northern German city. Officers waited at the door as the shouts of “Sieg Heil” became louder and louder. The noise was so loud their ringing of the doorbell went unheard. Finally, the police lost patience and burst through the door and ended the joyous occasion.

The owner of the flat and his guests now face prosecution for displaying illegal symbols. The swastika is banned in Germany. This is really a story about nothing and everything. Any German who can celebrate the birthday of an individual who caused the death of millions of Germans is to be pitied more than anything else. They were shouting joyous comments about the man who killed their grandparents. There is nothing to say about such behavior.