HIV/AIDS Continues Rising In Indonesia Due To Laxity

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of Aids cases in the nation of Indonesia because most government officials refuse to accept the reality of its impact upon society. Instead of taking vigorous action, the majority downgrade it as an issue. According to Sri Kusyunai of the National Aids Commission, “We are facing difficulties convincing the regional administration to implement the HIV/AIDS prevention program because most of them have yet to see AIDS as a serious threat.” official figures state there are only 15,000 cases a year in the nation, but unofficial estimates are that at least 150,000 people are being infected. As Sugiri Syarief of the National Family Planning Board puts it: “I don’t know how many good housewives and children have been infected by the disease just because their husbands have been playing around.”

Apparently, Aids is impacting the nation due to behavior of males who refuse to use condoms. A sorry situation since it frequently leads to problems for their own families.