Hizbullah Fox Caught And Killed

Hizbullah militant Imad Mughniyeh, who masterminded several killings in the past twenty five years including the bombing and deaths of hundreds of American soldiers in Lebanon, was blown up and killed in Damascus. It is assumed the Israel intelligence played a role in kiling this notorious Hizbullah leader. The Syrian government denounced his death and cast blame directly upon Israel for the action. Sheik Afif al-Naboulsi, warned there would be an eye for an eye.

Most Arab newspapers that blamed Israel argued the killing was unfair. For some reason, these periodicals never condemn suicide bombers who blow up innocent civillians or children. The killing is merely another example of failure on the part of all sides in the current Middle Eastern conflict between Israel and Arab nations to accept the reality of compromise as the only way in which peace can be achieved. Undoubtedly, Hizbullah will respond with suicide attacks and more people will die. The cycle of death goes on and on.