Hizbullah Seeks To Control Lebanon

Lebanon’s Social Minister Nayla Moawad told the German newspaper, Der Spiegel, that Hizbullah is engaged in a coup to take over the government and establish its ideology in the nation. She insisted the government had given many concessions to Hizbullah but each time they were given one thing they demanded even more. “Hizbullah has been preparing the coup wich took place just now for two years” and has been supported by huge shipments of arms from Iran and Syria. The ostensible reason for the current conflict is over demands by the Lebanese government for Hizbullah to dismantle its extensive military communication network which spans the entire country and is not controlled by the government.

She believes the Lebanese army made a wrong decision when it did not act decisively in recent weeks but has withdrawn from conflict in order to avoid plunging the nation into another civil war. ” I think,” she said, “the Lebanese army is simply overwhelmed.” She admits “as far as Hezbollah is concerned, they can take control of the whole of Lebanon within just a few days if they want to.” They already control west Beirut and are taking over other areas of Lebanon. She argues, “Hezbollah wants to force its ideology on Lebanon. It’s an extremist, theocratic ideology that comes from Iran and that Iran would like to see dominate the whole Arab world.”

Ms. Moawad is furious “the international community hss reacted to this coup with a markedly loud silence. It’s shocking because Lebanon has been taken hostage.” She is both disappointed in Europeans and the Arab League which has stood by and allowed the Shiite group to control Sunnis and Christians.

There is scant doubt Iran and Syria have played important roles in arming Hizbullah and working to undermine the Lebanese government. But, equally sad, is mistakes on the part of Israel which has refused to negotiate with Hamas or seek a genuine compromise with President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority. This refusal to work cooperatively has played a role in allowing Hizbullah to gain power.