Ho-Hum, Another Dead Student!

It has now become a popular one day story. A gunmen or two gunmen enter a school. The school might be one containing elementary age children or one a high school. The gunman is a male, he is a white skinned boy, he comes from a middle class background, and the scene of his murder of the innocent occurs in a suburban or small town school. The murder of children NEVER happens in an urban school, it is NEVER carried out by an African American nor one from Hispanic background, always a white teenager. Eventually, we will learn that he was a loner, that he was bullied or that he felt neglected by other students.

A boy walked into Reynolds High School in Troutdale, Oregon. He murdered a student, wounded a teacher and then walked into a lavatory and committed suicide. President Obama thundered his anger at this nonstop trail of murder. “We’re the only developed co