Hold The Rhetoric For A Moment

The Kim family in North Korea has been around longer than any family on this planet because they have brought peace, quiet and comfortable prisons for those who do not believe they represent God on Earth. During the past four months young Kim Jong-un has kept up a non-stop verbal campaign which  threatens death and destruction to western nations. He keeps Fox News working 24 hours a day, seven days a week warning one and all that war will shortly erupt in Asia. Unfortunately, for those who actually listen to Kim Jong-un and believe his rhetoric represents reality, the little pudgy boy has no intent to send his army south or send missiles to Guam. Two days ago vice-marshall of the North Korean army, Choe Ryong Hae hopped across the border to China and promised its leaders to tone down threats and behave himself.

Kim Jong-un needs China more than China needs Pyongyang. Kim spent a few years in Europe, unlike granddad and dad so he has some grasp on reality.He knows his nation lacks an economy that can produce enough to even feed its own people, let alone produce technology for the modern world. We can expect some verbal peace and quiet.