Holiday Blues

The owners of the Walmart great empire are all currently in possession of at least a billion dollars in American money. Yes, dad earned that money due to his intelligence and hard work. Yes, dad is a devout Christian who went to church on Sunday and made clear he beleived in the old values that made America a great nation. I assume that dad and mom wanted their children to gather around the table on Thanksgiving and give thanks to the Lord above for the bountiful meal that was on the table. I assume since dad loved his employees he desired they were home having a wonderful Thanksgiving meal. Ah,my assumptions.

The Walmart empire announced that its stores would open at 6:00 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day due to “shopper demand.” I realize opening on Thanksgiving has nothing whatever to do with making money. The Walmart empire wanted its employees to get rid of the extra weight they put on at the Thanksgiving meal and get some exercise working. God Bless the Walmart empire for its concern for its employees and their health.