Hollande May Head For Holland

Local elections were held throughout France and the outcome was fairly well predicted. President Francois Hollande’s party went down to a crushing defeat. The explanation is quite simple: not enough change, not enough new jobs, not enough drop in the unemployment rate, too many taxes, too many wandering into foreign adventures in Africa and too much of the silly news that all too frequently is connected to the president. At a time of economic distress the last thing on the minds of people is who is the President dating or fucking. Hollande loves to wander around Paris on his motorcycle with police following in his wake as he hooks up with a girl friend.

The right wing National Front of the LePen family witnessed its share of local councillors jump from 40 to 1,400. It is doubtful if most voting for this collection of right wing haters agreed to their calls for restoring the glory of France. Voters were sick and tired of what is, and simply went for what is not.

The Democratic Party in the United States faces a similar problem. Most American voters are disgusted, part of the blame is the incredible failure on President Obama to engage in dialogue and to explain in clear terms the essence of his programs. This explains why Americans believe in his ideas, but oppose his programs. It is time for Obama to learn from France and fight in clear terms for his programs!