Holocaust Deniers Joined By Lady Michele Renouf

Australian born Lady Renouf was on hand to greet the controversial Bishop Richard Williamson when he arrived in England. She told the media that neither she nor the bishop were Holocaust deniers but simply people who wanted to get at the truth. She was merely trying to dig into history in order to find out what really happened to those 6,000,000 Jews who were in Europe in 1939 and had vanished by 1945. She blasted the media for its unfair treatment of the oppressed member of the Catholic clergy. “The very idea that he has to recant his views is not Christianity; it is what I call Holocaustianity.”

It is wonderful such brilliant historians such as Lady Renouf and Bishop Williamson are digging into the Holocaust since apparently no one shares their deep commitment to the truth. I assume the two fearless seekers after truth will begin by reading the 20,000 plus books written about the Holocaust and then embark on a campaign to talk with people who were not in death camps but thought they were.

I just want to know whatever happened to the 6,000,000. Did they go to Argentine with deal Uncle Adolf Hitler and seek sanctuary? Or, were they really abducted by UFOs?