Holy Cow It’s A Holy War!!

Untold millions of Muslims live in poverty, over 30,000 have been murdered in Syria, little  girls are being shot for defending their right to an education, Pakistan has a wrecked economy, so what does al-Qaeda regard as the most important issue confronting the Muslim world?– a Video! Ayman al-Zawahiri urged an holy war on the infidels who allowed a video to be produced which insulted the Prophet. Muhammad was a loving caring person who wanted to improve the lives of Muslims and he would be most concerned about raising the economic lives of his followers and improving education and knowledge. He was a man of the Book!

A silly video made by a silly man who simply wants to get on the front page of every newspaper in the world has been granted his wish by Muslim crowds who shout hysterically about videos or little girls who want to go to school. Is there something wrong with this picture of the Muslim world?