Home Schooling Threatened in The UK

Thousands of parents in the United Kingdom prefer educating their children at home, but the government is now concerned over what they allege are examples of child abuse. The prosecution and conviction of a foster mother who abused three children for years has outraged many government officials and sparked discussion about investigating the entire home schooling process. Clare Murton, of Action for Home Education, argues the investigation is a “clear incitement to hatred of home educators” while other supporters believe “it is an attack on our beliefs.” Baroness Morgan, Children’s Minister, insists “local authorities have a significant duty to ensure all children are receiving a suitable education” but she believes there may be need for an investigation.

Many home school supporters believe the real object is for the government to gain “educational control over parents.” I am not an advocate or an opponent of home schooling. There are many arguments why parents should or should not be allowed to decide the education of children, but there is little evidence of widespread child abuse. Most probably child abuse is more prevalent among children attending schools than among home schoolers. The real issue is striking a balance between parental and societal rights concerning the education of children.

  • http://www.parentsagainstinjustice.org.uk Alison Stevens

    Looks like there will be a major increase in Child Protection investigations then?
    And if the Social Workers don’t like what they see in the home environment, for example in their opinion, not enough books, to stimulate the Child,drastic measures could involve an influx of Emergency Protection Orders,Care Proceedings.
    Resulting in yet again , more Children wrongly taken into Care,and more miscarriages of Justice.
    Alison Stevens Parents Against Injustice.

  • lorraine newhill

    The government has done nothing but take away the parents rights on nearly ever issue involving the parent choices for their children.. isnt it time that the government realised these children are our children not theirs, while education is very important, the family bond is even more so.
    Is there any social worker out there who ever likes what they see with in the family home ?
    because all we ever seem to hear is negative remarks, never anything positive..
    Dont parents have the freedom of choice to deside whats in the best interest of their children ?
    the govenment and so called professionals have proven time and time again they are not always right, and have show behond any doubt that their system has failed not only to educate the children but to protect them to..

    Lorraine Newhill..

  • Yvonne Stewart-Taylor

    Well said both Alison and Lorraine. I agree with you both, they are on shaky ground. We dont trust professionals as they have failed over and over again. We are the ones who, as parents have the right to decide who will indoctrinate our children and who wont. They take that right away society will completely fail. All they seem to understand is failure.

    I have friends who have had to fight to home educate their two children, including much time spent in France to keep authorities at bay, they need to be kept at bay, believe me.

    You would get much support on this subject from communities of Jahovah Witnesses as many of them home educate their children to allow them to be children for as long as possible, they suffer much persecution from authorities as members of religious groups are harder for them to railroad. United we stand Devided we fall and that is what corrupt authorities are about. Destroy families, remove support structures and attack us.

  • Portia Barrett.

    I am a teacher who decided to leave the prison school system and home school my children.

    They are now both self sufficient, well travelled and independent.

    The reason I left was in 1990’s, the system became like Hitler’s education system, where children were to receive no love or affection from parents or teachers.

    So, the children in UK schools are being programmed into a way of life which is not human, but cold, sterile prison like institution, where , if a child falls, no adult may pick it up and reassure it, or get suspended.

    What must our innocent vulnerable children of us adults and our lack of emotions and especially love?

    People need to know, that once you register your child, you are handing ownership to the state- a faceless entity- who then decides what is best for all children. leaving no room for individuality.

    Yes, the state is now doing what Hitler did- it is the corporate parent, who often sends children into its care to be raped tortured and prostituted out, without a word from the Justice Dept, who cover it all up.

    Just to finish SS in UK can remove your children without an actual care order, so be well awake for the corruption and collusion in legalised child trafficing in UK.

    Judges are mere rubberstamps for the SS, and will tell you so.

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    This is my 52nd year in education, I have taught all levels including the past 40 in a School of Education. A major problem today is that we educate children for the 19th century and neither the government nor parents have any grasp as to the meaning of what constitutes 21st century education. I understand why all of you are angry. The current system has run out of ideas.