Home Time– Make It The Law!

Senator Jim Webb of Virginia who fought in the jungles of Vietnam, wants to make it law that members of the military who are deployed overseas are entitled to as much time at home as they spent overseas. Although, current military police is a 1:1 ration, Webb wants to make it the law so that members of the military are not subject to the whim of government officials who seek to create new wars without any consideration of that impact on the lives of those who do the fighting. National Guard and reserve members would have a promise of three times as long at home as they spend overseas before getting another deployment in the world.

A tragedy of the past eight years is that no member of the Bush administration ever saw combat although they talked as though they were not afraid of any enemies. Bush could readily cry, “Bring Em On” but no one who has actually been in combat would utter such an inane expression. Senator Webb is correct–make it the law.