Homegrown Greek Nazis!

It is unfortunate that Greek schools have not taught their children what happened during the terrible days of World War II. Thousands of Greeks were murdered by Nazi occupiers and vast areas laid to waste during fighting. Alas, that was then, today is now in Greece. The country is suffering from “austerity” measures that destroy jobs, lead to loss of savings and cause many to turn towards Fascist ideas. It is as though Greeks seek a new Mussolini or Hitler to save them from the ravages of foreigners who take away their wealth.

These days in many neighborhoods of Athens, vigilante groups of young men with shaved heads roam the streets assaulting foreign immigrants. Panayiotis Roumeliotis,  a resident, was shocked to witness a group of thugs belonging to Golden Dawn, take over a bus and beat up any who appeared to be foreigners from Africa. “They were beating people with a Greek flag.” The young men left   with arms in the air giving a Nazi salute.

The police arrived and when he expressed anger at what happened, the police referrred to these thugs as “good boys” and inquired, “Why did they do something to you?” No, this time the fasistakia beat up a foreigner, who knows who they next will assault?