Homegrown Terrorists Off To Jihad

They are two home grown American boys who went to school, were interested in sports, dated girls and hung around as millions of young men and women do in an effort to connect with people or events. Mohamed Hamoud Alessa and Carlos Eduardo Almonte were getting ready to board a plane at Kennedy airport when FBI agents swooped in, arrested the pair and charged them with conspiring to engage in terrorism. The young men were bound for Somalia where they hoped to pick up with al-Shabaab, a terrorist group that kills its own people in the name of some Islamist belief in God or Prophets or something. The bust is a result of Operation Arabian Knight which infiltrated their group and has been checking out their activities for a few years. The pair had gone through physically training, saved thousands of dollars and were looking forward to an opportunity of killing fellow Muslims in their quest to destroy America.

Two sick men does not mean there are millions of others like them in America. However, it does once again reveal a sickness in this country ranging from Tea Party kooks who believe in nothing other than their own desire to make more money to Wall Street bankers whose only desire is to make gobs of money. Somewhere in the past two years President Obama has become a captive of groups rather than a voice of hope. The same thing happened during the Depression when Nazi groups marched in New York and Father Coughlin told millions of his radio listeners their economic problems were the result of Jewish bankers. A nation that hurts economically can also hurt mentally unless there are leaders.