Homeland Security Head Urges Pakistan To Fight

Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff warned Pakistan to fight back against terrorism or they will experience future attacks like the one which led to the death of Beazir Buhtto. He said extremists are a threat to the security of Pakistan and it was important for the Pakistan govenment to see that “it ensures control and strikes back against terrorism,” he told reporters at Bagram base near Kabul in Afghanistan. There was no response from the Foreign Ministry of Pakistan, but it appears the Pakistan government is moving along a different road to peace than the one being followed by the Bush administration. Its government reached an accord in the Mohammand Agency that will ensure a halt to Taliban attacks. A meeting of elders in a jirga with Taliban representatives resulted in assurances from the terror group they will cease attacking government officials and made it a point to state that females wearing veils would not be attacked.

The Pakistan government has insiste it was working to reach agreements with miitants who are ready to lay down their arms and did not consider such negotiations to constitute cooperating with terrorism.