Homophobic Attacks On Rise In Denmark

The National Association for Gays and Lesbians(LBL) claims there has been a significant rise in the number of attacks against gay people in Copenhagen in the past few years. The municipality of Copenhagen only recently ever got around to classifying cases of hate crimes and discrimination against homosexuals. During the last month alone there were 62 hate crimes committed against gay people in the city of Copenhagen. Some experts believe the figure might be higher since some crimes are not being reported. LBL is concerned at the lack of any reporting system in Denmark concerning violence against gays and lesbians.

Orestedsparken which is located in the heart of Copenhagen is a well known center for gays and lesbians. It has become the scene of attacks on homosexuals. The LBL is urging introduction of courses on sexual issues within the schools of Denmark to raise awareness among the young about the danger of prejudice and bigotry.

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