Homosexuals And Devil

There are men of the cloth like Pat Robertson who are in constant communication with God so it is informative to know that God as He wanders the universe has some pet peeves. Pat was told by the Man up There to beware of those on planet Earth who are HOMOSEXUALS! From what Pat ascertain from Our Lord, being a homosexual is a SIN! “This type of conduct is very sinful. I would think it is somewhat related to a demonic possession.”

Think about the implication of what Pat has uncovered. We all know that homos are slight of built, very dainty, work with a swish and hide away in dark places where they perform their you-know-what activities. Pat is right, the homosexuals  are simply a collection of the Devil’s allies who seek to make the rest of us like them.

Just remember when you next meet a gay person look beyond their smiles and remember to keep your backside up against the wall. If not, the Devil will gain control of you and the end result is Hell!