Honduras Has Election-Does It Solve Problems?

Several months ago the Honduras military led an overthrow of the government led by Manuel Zelaya on grounds he was plotting to void the Constitution and create a Venezuela style government which would be left wing in composition and lead to the end of democratic rights. Mr. Zelaya fled to the safety of the Brazilian Embassy where he insisted there were no plans to end democracy in his nation. In the resulting stalemate, the United States pushed for restoration of Zelaya and the holding of democratic elections. Some urged the Honduras military to allow Zelaya to return to office to fill out his remaining months as president but that compromise was ignored. An election was finally held this week. Over 60% of people voted-five percent more than in the previous election. Porfirio Lobo claimed victory with 56% of the vote and his opponent, Elvin Santos received 38%. Santos urged accepting the verdict and moving on.

It is never pleasant when governments are overthrown. However, at least 60% of the people voted despite calls to boycott the election. The winner gained a sizable majority. Perhaps, Santos is correct, despite violation of human rights it may well be time to move on and hope Mr. Zelaya is provided another opportunity to run for elective office in a democratic Honduras.