Honest Officer Evaluations?

The revelation that Major Hasan, the Ft. Hood shooter, had been promoted despite some evidence of incompetence has led Rep. Ike Skelton, head of the House Armed Services Committee, to seek an overhaul of how military officers are evaluated. “If someone is not performing to standards or acts different, acts funny, superiors should know about that and try to correct it. Many times it is connectable.” He emphasized the goal was not to punish those who act funny or unusual, but to identify potential mass murderers. His committee will be conducting hearings to figure out how Hasan was promoted even though there was evidence he did not connect with patients.

Reality is every organization in America promotes incompetents. Examine statistics on how many classroom teachers are fired for incompetence, probably a handful in New York City which has over 40,000 teachers. Oops, I forgot, all teachers are competent, after all, they have credentials from the State Education Department. Every organization promotes incompetents. Such is the way of the world.