Honey, I Just Wanted A Kiss Goodbye!

The dogs of fear are howling with delight at recent episodes of thwarted terrorism. In Bakersfield, California, the entire airport was closed when it was discovered a man was trying to bring five bottles onto the plane, bottles of honey that is. At Newark airport, a man was spotted walking in what is termed the “sterile area” and he never was captured, but from all accounts he merely ducked under the rope in order to give a girl friend a goodbye kiss. Our president issues somber and angry vows to capture every single one of those darn terrorists which has elicited an outburst of paranoia in America.

Yes, we need to tighten up security. No, we don’t have to go wild with fear every time a man or woman does something silly or simply normal. Yes, for years, people have brought bottles of honey onto planes to take home. There is need to find a sensible middle ground between paranoia gone wild and accepting that each incident is not the beginning of mass terrorism.

Perhaps, we need to establish a zone for kissing goodbye?