Honor Killing Figures Rise In Denmark

The growth in Muslim population in Denmark has resulted in an increase in concern about the concept of “honor killings” among inhabitants. Over the past four years there has been almost a three hundred percent increase in calls for help from women and over 400 crimes registered that related to this issue. Kristeligt Degblad newspaper reports the National Organization of Shelters for Battered Women and Their Children (LOKK) counselled 101 people in 2005 who knew someone or who were themselves trapped in such a situation. Many of the calls come from young Muslim immigrant women who have met and fallen in love with a Danish man and now find themselves threatened by family members.

According to LOKK personnel, “there have been threats about locking them up or sending them back to their homeland. We also see threats of violence.” Since 2006, the National Police’s investigation unit has registered more than 400 honor crimes in Denmark ranging from threats and violence to forced marriage.