Honor Killings Blasted!

All religions at one point or another have justified horrible crimes against humanity in the name of God. For some reason, there are those who believe God worries about someone being gay or someone drinking or using pot. Unfortunately, there are members of the Muslim religion who believe family has the right to kill a child in the name of “honor.” Of course, “honor” means the child refuses to adhere to traditional beliefs as defined by the family. In Canada, father, mother and son, killed three daughters on grounds their behavior violated the concept of  “honor.”

The Islamic Supreme Council of Canada issued a statement which condemns any form of honor killing. “There is no justification for honor killings, domestic violence, child abuse and misogyny in Islam.” This statement was signed by 30 imams in North America. Now, if we could only get imams all over the world to sign such edicts, perhaps family violence can be halted.