Honor Our Dead Heroes

Each day before night arrives, another 1,400 veterans dies and thus our nation contains fewer and fewer of those who served in the difficult hours when the world was in danger of falling into the darkness of Nazism. Of course, each day veterans of the Korean War, the Vietnam War and even now those who served during the Gulf War are dying, hopefully of age rather than from the wounds of battle. I write these words while Republican congressmen are shouting to reduce spending on veterans or those who are homeless and living in poverty.

How best does one honor those who risked all for their country? The best way is to create a modern society in which equity is the ruling criteria of life. We must establish a nation which ensures there are good paying jobs and people enjoy the basic necessities of life. We need a nation in which education once again is affordable rather than a country in which one graduates with a high debt.

The reason men and women served and risked was to create an America in which the rich did not rule. We did not serve the interests of Wall Street, we served the entire nation.