Hooded Jackets, Free Knives, And TK Maxx

There apparently are some weird people working in the promotional department of TKMaxx because they came up with a promotional scheme that would bring cheers from thugs and gangsters, but probably won’t sell on Main Street. TKMaxx had a promotional sale in which a Swiss made Strellson jacket which normally sells for $380 was being offered to the public for about $110. But, tied in with this price bargain was a neat little 2.5 in blade which fits into an inside pocket that is concealed from others. Technically and legally speaking, it is illegal to advertise a knife in such as fashion, but business is business. The TK Maxx corporation has asked all its stores to withdraw sale of the hooded jacket with its partner, the little knife.

Naturally, TK Maxx insists there was no connection in their minds between criminals who might use such a secret pocket and how the police might interpret events. As always, the business or business is business, not the military or foreign governments. In the world of reality, any ad can get by, but in modern times, there are always people on the Internet for something that will upset them and lead to a fight with agencies of government.