Hope And Love Leave Israel

The founders of the nation of Israel were fervent believers in the principles of democracy and wished to establish a nation that would live in peace with its Muslim neighbors. There is no doubt decisions made by Arab leaders prevented these high ideals from coming to fruition. Of course, mistakes were made by every nation in the Middle East and we now live with the consequences of those actions. A new poll from Israel reveals  Israelis now oppose an independent Palestine on the West Bank. When asked by the Maagar Mohot survey 66% came out against the creation of an independent Palestine while only 11% said they agree in its creation.

Over 50% approve of building new settlements near east Jerusalem while 9% opposed it and 40% lacked an opinion. Right wing political leaders continue having the support of a majority of Israelis. These figures simply reveal an end to the dream of Israel’s founders.

Israelis have met the enemy and now they are him.