Hope For Peace In Zimbabwe

A signature, some handshakes, and four days of talks have raised hopes for an end to the Zimbadwean political crisis that was created by President Mugabe when he refused to accept the decision of his people they wanted someone else to lead the nation. The economy is in ruins, members of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) are still reeling after the attacks on them from Mugabe’s thugs, but there is a fragile hope some type of resolution of the conflict is still possible. Mugabe and his opponent, Morgan Tsvangirai, shook hands, but the question still remans as to whether Mugabe is willing to cede some power to the MDC.

There is no question, despite the bravado of challenging the world, President Mugabe is weaker than at any other point in his political career. His nation is under tremendous pressure from the outside world and from fellow African leaders for peace in Zimbabwe. But, as always, the issue comes down to the personality of the little tyrant who has never been willing to share power with anyone. Can he move away from the abyss of disaster and for once in his life act presidential?