Hope For Republican Party!

Great News for Republicans who want a candidate to represent the party in the upcoming presidential election. Fox News, which boasts it is a network which only presents unbiased material, has inadvertently displayed a rationale of how Republicans can put forth a candidate who actually knows the location of Siberia. But, more important, this candidate actually knows what happened on the ride of Paul Revere. In discussing the latest Sarah Palin revision of American history, her employers at Fox News offered a picture of Tina Fey, the famous impersonator of the lady from Alaska. If you are Fox News and spend each day attempting to figure out how to distort the news, it is impossible to separate what is not from what is. OK, Sarah Palin works for you, but does that mean you have to work for Sarah Palin?

The good news is that Republicans finally have a candidate who knows something-Tina Fey. She is witty, that is certainly an improvement over sour faced Mitt Romney, and she can poke fun at herself, a capacity unknown to Michele Bachmann who doesn’t even know what the word, “satire” means. We suggest: TINA FEY FOR PRESIDENT!

Of course, by nominating Tina we open a new job for Sarah. She can be the impersonator for Tina Fey! Let’s face it, Republicans, your party is better off having the real Tina Fey and the fake Sarah Palin!