Hope For Success At Israel-Arab Meeting

A report in Al-Ahram indicates there is a possibility for success at the upcoming meeting between Israel and Arab nations. America has backed down and agreed to allow Syria’s participation. Heshem Youssef, of the Arab League believes there can be success if prior to the meeting both sides have agreed upon an agenda. He feels if Israel would announce a moratorium on further West Bank settlements, cease any additions to the Wall, lift the siege on Gaza, and release some political prisoners it would create a positive climate for success.

The demands of the Arab League are fairly mild, particularly since there is no reference to the refugee question which previously has been a hindrance in negotiations. If Israel, in return, requested an end to rocket attacks from Gaza and control over suicide bombers, the potential for a successful resolution of the conflict would be possible. To resolve conflicts, all sides must believe at least some of their demands are being met. Hopefully, if the Palestinian issues could be resolved, it would provide the basis for Syria and Israel to resolve the Golan Heights issue and ensure Arab forces would control Hizbullah in Lebanon.