Horror! Boys And Girls Together In Classrooms!

Saudi Arabia’sKing Abdullah is attempting a revolutionary attempt in his nation by creating a modern post graduation high tech university which would allow male and female students to study together and even engage in an intellectual debate. Horror of horrors, according to some senior Saudi clerics. In a rare move, the King issued a royal decree that removed Sheikh Saad Nasseer al-Shithri from the senior council of religious scholars for opposing his plans. The Sheikh was infuriated because, ‘we are looking at some of the sciences that have included some irregular alien ideologies, like evolution and other such ideologies.” He wanted clerics to check into these alien ideas.

King Abdullah understands that his nation can not forever depend on oil. It must enter the 21st century and engage their youth with modern scientific ideas and this must be accomplished both by males and females. Students who study together learn together.