Horror In Afghanistan Continues With Suicide Bombing

The cit of Kabul has been spared from some of the bombings that daily mark a normal day in the nation of Afghanistan, but that somewhat peaceful picture was shattered over the weekend by a suicide car bombing outside the embassy of India. A huge blast that could be heard all over the capital killed 28 people and wounded about 141 including women and children. Many members of the Taliban have roots in Pakistan and the bombing undoubtedly reflects the anger of Pakistanis over their conflicts with India. It was another of the senseless attacks on civilians which are so typical among individuals claiming to possess some religious principles.

Afghanistan continues suffering from the Bush administration mistakes in 2001 when it ceased to focus on Afghanistan and restore the nation’s economy and fighting forces because President Bush wanted to invade Iraq in search of things that did not exist instead of dealing with problems that did exist in Afghanistan.

In separate bombings over the weekend, at least 15 policemen were killed in three attacks on them in the provinces of the land. Killings, bombings, and death are the result of incompetent presidents in charge of Afghanistan and the United States of America.