Horror In Uganda!

The world is upset at events in Gaza, but the world is not that interested in the brutal fighting going on in Uganda where the fanatical Lord’s Resistance Army(LRA) continues its murderous attacks on innocent people. On the day after Christmas these fanatical crazed soldiers hacked to death with machetes over 100 people who were in a church. A witness, Abeel Longi said: “I hid in bush near the church and heard people wailing at they were being cut with machetes. The LRA has long been accused of cutting off lips of people or recruiting young children who are forced to kill parents and relatives in order to ensure they will not return home or be sympathetic to the notion of killing.

Rebels are reportedly retaliating for army attacks and since they prefer confronting unarmed adversaries rather than soldiers who are armed, the LRA took out its fears on the nearest available group of civilians. A major problem is desire by the International Criminal Court in the Hague to put on trial Joseph Kony, leader of the LRA, which is a factor in hindering peace.