Horror Of Honor Killings In Jordan

For the second time this month a Jordanian woman was brutally slain by family members who claimed the right to kill on the basis of their “honor.” Three brothers, all under age 30, agreed to kill their forty year old divorced sister because she had a “bad reputation.” The mother of five was stabbed about 15 times and her body was then burned. The men told police they had found a picture of their sister sitting with a man. After burning her body they set afire the house–fortunately, they did not blame the five children for the “evil acts” of their mother.

The men were arrested at a hospital where they had gone to have burns treated and they readily confessed because in their twisted mind killing an innocent woman is the surest path to reach heaven. When will Muslim religious leaders stand up and condemn such crimes. At most the three brothers will spend a few months in jail and then return in triumph to their neighborhood. It is time the Muslim religion banned such actions of murder.