Horror Of War In Afghanistan

The German newspaper, Der Spiegel, is printing pictures of American soldiers in Afghanistan which are certain to arouse fury in the Middle East. One shows a smiling soldier as he posed with a bloody corpse. The United States Army immediately responded to this material. “Today Der Spiegel published photographs depicting actons repugnant to use as human beings and contrary to the standards and values of the United States Army. We apologize for the distress these photos cause.” One of the photos shows Cpl.
Jeremy Morlock grinning as he lifts the head of a dead corpse. These photos were taken in the presence of an officer.

Several months ago a member of the platoon wrote his parents and told them what had happened. Soldiers from this unit are facing court martials. There is no beauty in war, only death and destruction. It transforms decent humans into beasts of prey. This is not to excuse those who behave in this manner. Of course, those like George Bush or Dick Cheney who placed men in this position are currently making millons by offering explanations as to why war came.